I've just decided to buy the game No Time To Explain, because I don't need to. Tinybuildgames just put up a modified, "pirated" version of their game on Piratebay. So I can download and play it for free.

And because Tinybuildgames gives me the freedom to decide whether or not to buy the game, I will buy it.

Following up my mail to Tinybuildgames:

From: Nico -telmich- Schottelius <>
Subject: Pirated version - the reason to buy the game


I haven't bought a game for years, I am not very much interested in
getting a new game anymore (other interests are higher priority),
but making your own "pirated" release of the game on Piratebay
conviced me of spending some money to you.

Thus I'm heading over to your shop, buy the game, just to sign you,
and hopefully others, that this is exactly the right approach:
You do not even skip DRM, but present the users freedom to choose
where to get the game from and whether to spend money to you or not.

Thanks for being a pioneer in software selling.