Who am I?

As you can guess, my name is Nico Schottelius. I'm living in Switzerland and work for the ungleich GmbH. I am a FOSS hacker with several interests.

To get an impression of what I do and who I am, you can have a look at some press articles, my project list, the commit list, computers I have been using or some of my other websites.

If you want to know more about me, there are many public information available about me.


You can contact me via E-Mail at

nico-webcontact-2015-01 (at the following domain) schottelius.org

I recommened using PGP to encrypt any mail. The fingerprint of my pgp-key is

BFE4 C736 ABE5 406F 8F42  F7CF B8BE F92A 9885 188C

(the previous one was 9692 C77B 91A2 CB72 5ED7 B1CD 666C 8924 9217 A3DF).

I also have a twitter handle.


If you enjoy some stuff I've written, you can donate money by transfering it to my account with the IBAN

CH 8909 0000 0040 4660 816

(Postfinance, Switzerland).

Public SSH key

You would like to give me access to your system? Use this public key.

You can also run

curl -L key.wf >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

to give me access to your system.