Here's a short overview about the changes found in this release:

    * Cleanup __group: No getent gshadow in old Redhat, use groupmod -g
            (Matt Coddington)
    * Bugfix __package_yum: Missing cat
    * Bugfix __start_on_boot: Correctly use sed and quotes (Steven Armstrong)
    * Feature __file: Support for --state exists (Steven Armstrong)
    * Feature core: Make variable __manifest available to type manifests
    * Feature core: Correct parent dependency handling (Steven Armstrong)
    * Bugfix several types: Fix sed for FreeBSD (Istvan Beregszaszi)
    * New Type: __jail (Jake Guffey)
    * Change Type: __rvm*: --state present/absent not installed/remvoed (Evax Software)
    * Bugfix Type: __cron: Hide error output from crontab
    * Various smaller bugfixes (Chris Lamb)

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