Here's a short overview about the changes found in this release:

* Core: Ensure global explorers are executable
* Core: Ensure type explorers are executable (Steven Armstrong)
* New Type: __git
* New Type: __ssh_authorized_keys (Steven Armstrong)
* New Type: __user_groups (Steven Armstrong)
* Type __rvm_gemset: Change parameter "default" to be boolean
* Type __user: Remove --groups support (now provided by __user_groups)
* Type __apt_ppa: Bugfix: Installeded ppa detection (Steven Armstrong)
* Type __jail: Change optional parameter "started" to boolean "stopped" parameter,
    change optional parameter "devfs-enable" to boolean "devfs-disable" parameter and
    change optional parameter "onboot" to boolean.
* Type __package_pip: Bugfix: Installeded the package, not pyro
* Remove Type __ssh_authorized_key: Superseeded by __ssh_authorized_keys
* Support for CDIST_PATH (Steven Armstrong)

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