Here's a short overview about the changes found in version 3.1.13:

* Type __block: Fix support for non stdin blocks (Dominique Roux)
* Type __consul: Install package unzip (Nico Schottelius)
* Type __consul: Add source & cksum for 0.5.1 (Nico Schottelius)
* Type __consul_agent: Use systemd for Debian 8 (Nico Schottelius)
* Type __firewalld_rule: Ensure firewalld package is present (David Hürlimann)
* Type __locale: Support CentOS (David Hürlimann)
* Type __staged_file: Fix comparision operator (Nico Schottelius)
* Type __user_groups: Support old Linux versions (Daniel Heule)

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