Here's a short overview about the changes found in version 4.10.5:

* Type __group: Fix/remove '--' from echo command (Dimitrios Apostolou)
* New type: __ping (Olliver Schinagl)
* Type __postgres_role: Fix broken syntax (Nico Schottelius, Darko Poljak)
* Type __consul_agent: Add Debian 9 support (Jin-Guk Kwon)
* Documentation: Fix broken links (Rage <OxR463>)
* Type __docker: Add version parameter (Jonas Weber)
* Type __sysctl: Refactor for better OS support (Takashi Yoshi)
* Types __package_*: Add messaging upon installation/removal (Takashi Yoshi)
* Type __package_pkg_openbsd: Reworked (Takashi Yoshi)

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