Here's a short overview about the changes found in version 4.2.0:

* Build: Make github signed release (Darko Poljak)
* Core: Fix hostdir: use hash instead of target host (Steven Armstrong)
* Core: pep8 (Darko Poljak)
* Documentation: Restructure and fix and improve docs and manpages (Darko Poljak)
* Core: Add files directory for static files (Darko Poljak)
* Custom: Add bash and zsh completions (Darko Poljak)
* Core: Improve error reporting for local and remote run command (Darko Poljak)
* New type: __jail_freebsd9: Handle jail management on FreeBSD <= 9.X (Jake Guffey)
* New type: __jail_freebsd10: Handle jail management on FreeBSD >= 10.0 (Jake Guffey)
* Type __jail: Dynamically select the correct jail subtype based on target host OS (Jake Guffey)
* Explorer __machine_type: add openvz and lxc
* Explorer __os __os_version: add scientific
* Type various: add scientific
* Explorer __machine_type: add virtualbox (Stu Zhao)

For more information visit the cdist homepage.