Here's a short overview about the changes found in version 4.3.2:

* Documentation: Update no longer existing links (Simon Walter)
* Core: Add warning message for faulty dependencies case (Darko Poljak)
* Explorer os_version: Use /etc/os-release instead of /etc/SuSE-release (Daniel Heule)
* Type __package: Call __package_pkg_openbsd on openbsd (Andres Erbsen)
* Type __package_pkg_openbsd: Support --version (Andres Erbsen)
* Type __hostname: Support openbsd (Andres Erbsen)
* New type: __firewalld_start: start/stop firewalld and/or enable/disable start on boot (Darko Poljak)
* Bugfix __consul_agent: config option was misnamed 'syslog' instead of 'enable_syslog' (Steven Armstrong)

For more information visit the cdist homepage.