Here's a short overview about the changes found in version 4.6.0:

* Core: Add inventory functionality (Darko Poljak)
* Core: Expose inventory host tags in __target_host_tags env var (Darko Poljak)
* Type __timezone: Check current timezone before doing anything (Ander Punnar)
* Core: Add -p HOST_MAX argument (Darko Poljak)
* Core: Add archiving support for transferring directory - new -R beta option (Darko Poljak)
* Core: Fix ssh connection multiplexing race condition (Darko Poljak)
* Core: Fix emulator race conditions with -j option (Darko Poljak)
* Documentation: Cleanup (Darko Poljak)
* Explorer os: Get ID from /etc/os-release (Philippe Gregoire)

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