Here's a short overview about the changes found in version 4.6.1:

* Type __user: Explore with /etc files (passwd, group, shadow) (Philippe Gregoire)
* Explorer init: Use pgrep instead of ps for Linux (Philippe Gregoire)
* Type __apt_key_uri: Redirect stderr of apt-key to /dev/null (Mark Verboom)
* Type __package_pkg_openbsd: Support the empty flavor (Philippe Gregoire)
* Type __package_pkg_openbsd: Support using /etc/installurl (Philippe Gregoire)
* Type __user_groups: Support OpenBSD (Philippe Gregoire)
* Type __hostname: Allow hostnamectl to fail silently (Steven Armstrong)
* Type __install_config: Use default default __remote_{copy,exec} in custom __remote_{copy,exec} scripts (Steven Armstrong)
* Type __ssh_authorized_key: Fix removing ssh key that is last one in the file (Darko Poljak)

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