I have about 50 different website accounts for submitting and reading bugs. I use about 4 different bugtrackers regulary (bugzilla, launchpad, ditz, Debians reportbug).

And I do not want to create another account at a different site again. No. What I want is different:

I want to have one tool, that

  • allows me to track bugs of different projects with different systems (similar to launchpad)
  • to mirror the information locally, including history (like most version control systems (VCS))
  • to add or search a bug, while being offline (like git)
  • has a usable command line interface (like zsh)

So in practise, it should look something like this:

% tool
tool> init-bug-db /path/to/somewhere
tool> bug-source add project1 bugzilla://where-it-is
tool> bug-source add project2 ditz://where-it-is
tool> bug-source list
tool> bug-source show project2
 * can submit
 * url
tool> bug query project1 a-search-string
tool> bug add project1
 [either ask for input or add them after the project name]
tool> bug pull project1 # get latest bugs
tool> bug push project1 # submit latest bug (-changes)

Of course all the commands should also be available on the command line as options. If you have already created such a tool or are interested in creating such a tool, do not hesitate to contact me!