I was thinking about which OS to support with cinit next. I think that FreeBSD and Ubuntu are very interesting to support with cinit now.

So I decided to write migration scripts for Ubuntus upstart for the next version of cinit.

Because it's a lot of work to migrate an existing init system, I'm searching for friendly hackers, who help me to get the migration script up and running:

The idea is to

  • analyse current services
  • create new cinit services
  • clue everything together and bootup much faster

The script cinit-conf.migrate.upstart.ubuntu.jaunty already contains a minimalistic analysis of Ubuntus upstart. What needs to be done is

  • to read through the listed scripts inside cinit-conf.migrate.upstart.ubuntu.jaunty
  • and to create scripts to create new services in cinit/bin

So if you want to help to support Ubuntu with cinit, you could

If you are interested, please join the cinit mailinglist and let us know, on which script you hack.