Dell sells notebook with Ubuntu on it

As all of you know, Ubuntu is the most promoted Linux distro currently being on the market. Dell, on the other hand, has trouble staying in the business and rumours say that Dell is even searching for some investors.

Thus it's interesting to hear that Dell is now selling the XPS 13" with Ubuntu on it

Linux is (becoming) a gaming plattform

Various different news show you an interesting movement for 2013: Android (and thus Linux) is becoming a gaming plattform:

Valve ported Steam to Linux and begins to promote Linux to Windows users. The Ouya console is successfully being developed and even they have a competitor, the GameStick, which is also based on Android.

Microsoft to die (finally)

Thanks to the decreasing PC market and people focussing on swiping around their tablets (instead of doing real work [tm]), Microsoft got a hard time.

It even got so worse that they are selling Windows 8 for almost nothing. But hey, who wants a disease for free anyway?

Seeing the Nokia/Microsoft deal in which Nokia agreed to build Windows phones is like seeing someone betting on a dying horse, but it is worse than that: Why would you get a Windows phone, if you can buy an Android or IOS based phone?

Reading about Microsoft probably selling the Xbox division gives another indicator for someone totally being frustrated - probably realising the good times are over.

This hasn't though changed the FUD approach of Microsoft, which is infamously known for their Anti-Campaings like the new scroogled one.

Cdist gets its own domain

Suggestions to FOSS I write or maintain is highly appreciated. Getting a domain for cdist was proposed and will soon be activated.