I'm having a lot of fun with software, again with puppet: Puppet claims in its error message, that I define a resource twice:

err: Could not retrieve catalog: Puppet::Parser::AST::Resource failed
with error ArgumentError: Duplicate definition:
File[nss_ldap_config] is already defined in file
/etc/puppet/modules/auth/manifests/init.pp at line 62;
cannot redefine at
on node dryad16.ethz.ch

Well, nice error, isn't it? Maybe you already guessed it, line 62 is the end of a define:

54    define ldap_config() {
55       $ou = $name
56       file { "nss_ldap_config":
57          path => $auth::nss_ldap_config,
58          mode => 644,
59          owner => root,
60          group => root,
61          content => template("auth/ldap.erb"),
62       }

I would be pretty happy if puppet told me:

You are using the define ldap_config() from file_x:line_x twice:
File file_a:line_a and File file_b:line_b use it, which defines
a duplicate definition.

Currently I've to

grep -r ldap_config *

within my puppet config directory, to find the locations where the define is called. Because it's not called twice within the same class, I've to search manually through the classes that include the classes that use the define to find out where an include is used that (probably indirectly) includes a conflicting class.

Dear puppet developers, would you mind to include debug help as stated above?

Update #1

I switched over to use cdist instead of Puppet.