Dealing with a lot of hardware (in the sense of moving/maintaining) involves some support from vendors. Sometimes vendors are doing a particular bad job. This blog page is dedicated to vendor screwups and document real stories.

The support for a Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (2019-11-16 - 2019-12-09)

I ordered this particular notebook on 2019-09-19 and it arrived around 2019-09-27. So far so good. However shortly after starting to use it, I managed to get a somewhat-stuck key (the "p key"), which more-or-less randomly hangs/does not produce a character. As some of my passwords contain a p, this led to very frustrating login failures.

Having a stuck key like this after less than 2 months of use is really not showing good quality, so I reported this issue with Dell on 2019-11-16. With the device I bought the so called "Complete Care Service" and "Premium Support". In theory reachable 24x7.

In practice, after opening the support request on 2019-11-16, I did not receive a real reply on the following Monday. So I reached out again and got a reply on Tuesday, already being late if it was only next business day (NBD) support.

After reporting that issue additionally the rubber below that keeps the notebook stable on the table began to detach itself from the notebook. Only another minor problem, but clearly nothing to expect from a quality device.

After a long forth-and-back via Twitter DM about the device heat and whether the p key still occasionally is stuck (yes!) there was eventually a replacement scheduled for the 26th of November.

However - you can guess it - nobody showed up. The log at Dell says that somebody tried to reach me, however there was no missed calls on any of my numbers. And no email or no direct message. So even if somebody tried to call, they did not bother sending an email.

Until I reached out again, after I got a message that the phone number is forwarded. It continues "funny" like that: on 26th there was no further communication from Dell. No message, no call, no email.

However when logging in to the Dell portal, Dell rescheduled the appointment for Thursday, 28th, 0800.

Independently on how the story evolves from here, the amount of time spent into the support, waiting, replanning locations, etc. is already exceeding the worth of the product. So I can clearly disrecommend buying this device/support combination, if you want to professionally work with it.

And it continued on 2019-11-27 at around 2230 in the evening when the Dell technician called me by accident. "I just wanted to save your number". Then asking me on the phone where Glarus is in detail. I guess Dell doesn't have a navigation software... Then eventually telling me that he might or might not come tomorrow (the 28th), but he will certainly contact me in the morning.

2019-11-28, around 1400. No call, no message, no nothing. Reaching out via Twitter DM. Again. My phone number is confirmed, I get as an answer. So yet another day where Dell scheduled the support (not me), does not appear, does not reach out nor gives any suitable answer.

2019-11-29. The technician just wrote an email that he comes Monday 1200. That is yet another week after Dell originally announced the repair and yet another time that Dell unilaterally decides on a new repair date without even trying to confirm the date.

But it gets worse: later in the evening I received a twitter message that the case is closed. Without ever having seen a technician, without having gotten it repaired. And a bit later it gets confirmed on the "service request" page of Dell.

So in a summary:

  • Waited for nothing to happen for two weeks
  • Multiple support appointments scheduled without ever showing up
  • Claims of trying to reach me by phone without any missed call (and other calls that I received the same day)
  • Wasted many hours in communication
  • No support executed at all
  • Support cased closed without doing anything

The story continues: 2019-12-04. I got a message saying that the techincian is coming tomorrow. Again without confirmation from my side and with less than 24h to react.

2019-12-05: because so far nobody ever showed up, I send a message via Twitter to @DellHilft, asking about the technician. Answer is that I should wait. The third day. I also check the support center, which claims to have called me at 3 am GMT. 3 am. Seriously, which company does that?

GMT is actually behind Swiss time, so the actual call happend around 2am. Besides all of that, I obviously did not receive a call.

BUT things can get worse with Dell. Since the 5th, my messages in the dell support website don't show up anymore. It basically looks as follows:

Dell: we are calling you
Me: I don't see a call, this is my number:
Dell: we are calling you
Me: Hello? Did you see my message?
Dell: We will just silently drop your messages now

Since 2019-12-05 the "." key is also stuck from time to time. Basically the notebook is falling apart within 2 months of use and the only thing you get is false claims of a technician showing up.

2019-12-06: the technician is calling around 0830. He starts by asking where I live and then tells me it is far away and he doesn't have time for me. He has many other customers. He also sounds very drunk. He tells me he might come on Monday, but cannot tell a time yet.

Also on the same day: I get a note from Dell telling me the technician could not reach me. Not sure how many WTFs can be produced within one day, but Dell is really pushing it to the limits.

2018-12-09: the technician called at 0900, arrived by 1230 and fixed the notebook around 1500.

  • Roughly 4 weeks waiting time
  • Roughly 80+ messages exchanged with Dell
  • 4 working days invested to get it fixed