Ever wondered how much you work compared to what you should? Are you in the need to record working time for a customer? Do you want something that is very simple, geek compatible and runs on the command line? Then you may have found the right software.


Get ctt via git:

git clone


# Track some time
% ctt track test
Comment: Did some cool work

# Track for a given time range
% ctt track --sd 2013-04-29-1000 --ed 2013-05-29-1200 test
Comment: Long working period

# Track (keep running), but specify different start date
% ctt track --sd 2013-04-29-0800  test
Comment: Started early today

# Track without prompting for a comment
% ctt track -n test

# List available projects
% ctt listprojects

# List all entries of this month for project test
% ctt report test

# List all entries from January
% ctt report --sd 2013-01-01 --ed 2013-01-31 test

# List all entries from January matching either rails ruby or cdist
% ctt report --sd 2013-01-29 --ed 2013-04-29 -e "(rails|ruby|cdist)" test

# The same, but case insensitive
% ctt report --sd 2013-01-29 --ed 2013-04-29 -e "(rails|ruby|cdist)" -i test


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