Last night I suggested a change to Gluster - after I woke up, my patch has already been incorporated - that is awesome!

The experience

After beginning my journey with Gluster some months ago and my recent blog about How to access gluster from multiple networks, I have made a great experience with glusterfs yesterday:

After mentioning that I have the same problem as 何亦 and suggesting a patch, I had this incredible experience:

  1. Someone (@nixpanic aka Niels) suggested to prepare it for inclusion
  2. GlusterFS has an organic process for development and testing - seeing the patch going through this process gives me the impression someone cares about code quality
  3. After creating the bugreport, the process smoothly started
  4. The patch was reviewed within hours
  5. And finally merged into the master branch as well as included for glusterfs 3.6.3

The overall experience as a FOSS contributor can be described by a single word:


I have contributed to many FOSS projects, but this experience is exceptionally great - thanks for the help everyone and keep up the good work!

Follow up

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