Create volumes name based instead of IP based:

gluster volume create xfs-plain replica 2 transport vmhost1:/home/gluster vmhost2:/home/gluster 

instead of

gluster volume create xfs-plain replica 2 transport 

And have the names point to different IP addresses.

The setup

The basic setup (in our case) looks like this:

| Clients / Users               |
---------------------------------       ---------------------------------
| frontend (with opennebula)    |    ---| vmhost1 with glusterfs        |
---------------------------------   /   ---------------------------------
        |                          / eth0                       eth1
        |-------------------------<                              ||
                                   \ eth0                       eth1
                                    \   ---------------------------------
                                     ---| vmhost2 with glusterfs        |

The frontend running Opennebula connects to vmhost1 and vmhost2 using their public interfaces.

The gluster bricks running on the vm hosts are supposed to communicate via eth1, so that the traffic for Gluster does not influence the traffic of the virtual machines to the Internet. The gluster filesystem of the vmhosts is only thought to be used by the virtual machines running on those two hosts - an isolated cluster. Thus the volume initially has been created like this:

gluster volume create xfs-plain replica 2 transport 

The problem

However, the frontend requires access to the gluster volume, because Opennebula needs to copy and import the VM image into the gluster datastore. Even though the glusterd process listens on any IP address, the volume contains the information that it runs on and and is thus not reachable from the frontend.

Using name based volumes

The frontend can reach the vm hosts via vmhost1 and vmhost2, which resolves to their public IP addresses via DNS.

On the vm hosts we created entries in /etc/hosts using cdist that looks as following: vmhost1 vmhost2

Now we re-created the volume using

gluster volume create xfs-plain replica 2 transport tcp vmhost1:/home/gluster vmhost2:/home/gluster 
gluster volume start xfs-plain

And it correctly shows up in the volume info:

%gluster volume info
Volume Name: xfs-plain
Type: Replicate
Volume ID: fe45c626-c79d-4e67-8f19-77938470f2cf
Status: Started
Number of Bricks: 1 x 2 = 2
Transport-type: tcp

And now we can mount it successfully on the frontend using

% mount -t glusterfs  vmhost2:/xfs-plain /mnt/gluster

Follow up

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