Soon to come

Alright - it has been a couple of years since I last installed Linux on a Apple notebook, so it is time again.

I have just ordered the Macbook Pro 2016 (with real keys, because the purpose of F1-F10 is exactly what Apple tries to reinvent with a lot of colours) and plan to install Arch Linux on it in the next weeks.

I expect the typical early adaptor problems with the Wifi chipset and maybe trouble with connecting external monitors (not only because it is Apple, but also because Intel Skylake support under Linux is pretty bad at the moment).

So if you are curious about how easy or hard it is - stay tuned and checkout this site again in a couple of days!

Meanwhile ...

If you want to discuss about Linux and Apple or other FOSS topics, you are invited to join the chat of ungleich, the Linux / Unix / FOSS company that I am working for. We have pretty strong opinions on some topics (not mentioning systemd here) and you are invited to challenge them :-)