The mapping of the multimedia keys of the MacBook Air 4,2 (probably earlier ones as well) was slightly off by one and had the Eject key mapped, although the MBA does not have an optical drive.

Two trees available with fixes

The patch against Jiris for-next branch of the hid-tree can be found in my mba42-fixes branch.

The second tree is the one I use to run with the correct keyboard mapping and screen resolultion patches, which contains the change in the keyboardmappingfix branch.

General status / todo list

The notebook is pretty good usable with the current patches applied. There are some gotchas, though, which I'll try to fix in the next time:

  • network process hang issue in the brcmsmac driver
  • The mouse pointer does not move when the mouse button is pressed (probably a configuration problem of the synaptics touchpad)
  • Brightness is not adjusted in xorg when pressing FN-F1 (but can be done via echo VALUE > /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.0/drm/card0/card0-eDP-1/intel_backlight/brightness)
  • Display is not switched off when lid is closed (acpi reports the lid event, though) (probably related to the previous problem)
  • Incorrect representation when using a Mini-Display-Port to HDMI adapter on external screen
  • No output on external monitor when using a Mini-Display-Port to DVI adapter
  • I'm not sure how to adjust the keyboard backlight correctly:
  • Correct map the ambient light values (0-255) to the keyboard light brightness (0-255)
  • Straight brightness=255-ambient_light does not look good
  • Probably off, when the lid is closed
  • See kbsd for an early idea of what can be done