If you are running Linux on the MacBook Air 4,2 and have any of the following problems, this article is for you:

  • FN key not working / modifying keys
  • Touchpad not working in Multitouch mode
  • Resolution is 1280x800 instead of 1440x900

Touchpad and Keyboard

In Jiris for-next branch of the hid tree the keyboard and touchpad issues have been solved.

Screen resolution

Keith fixed the screen resolution issues in his tree that you can retrieve:

git clone -b fix-edp-vdd-power git://

Getting both fixes

Until the changes are merged into Linus' tree, I've setup a tree that merged the two previous ones:

  • gitweb
  • git://

I've used the config.gz from Archlinux as base for .config and added the new config options, which resulted in a working .config for the MacBook Air.