Thorsten Elle, Dr.-Ing.


auf der Suche nach einer Lösung für meine Backups (Debian/amd64) bin ich auf ccollect gestoßen.
Ist wirklich ein tolles Skript / System und mein Favorit. [...]


thx for an uncomplicated, easy and straightforward backup solution.

Matteo Contri

Hi Nico,
first of all: congratulation for ccollect, a really lovely script!

i've tried a lot of backup solution (veritas netbackup, rsnapshot, bacula)
but no other software is so simple and effective.
ccollect resolves 93% of backup problems in few minutes with standard tools.

Benedikt Köppel

Hi Nico,

thank you very much for your great software ccollect. I just started
using it to backup my notebook, my server and all computers of my family.

Norbert Titko

works like charm (just upgraded to 0.7.1)

John Lawless

Dear Nico Schottelius,

I have started using ccollect and I very much like its design:
it is elegant and effective.

Patrick Drolet


Thank you for making ccollect public; it is a very nice and well written
utility. I am using it to backup two NAS (DNS323 and QNAP TS-209) across
the Internet, where bandwidth and upload/download quota is limited.

三宅 兼人 (Kanehito Miyake)

P.S. Thanks you for offering a nice & pretty backup tools.
     It is very fit in me.

Derek Moore

Hey, Nico,

I've used rsnapshot in the past, but recently decided to switch to using
your ccollect.  I like that it's implemented in sh.

ccollect is AWESOME & very handy!

Marco Meile

best backup software ever - we use it for our company on about 100 hosts yay